New and Used Tires in Coats, NC

Tires are an essential part of your vehicle. Your tires connect your car, SUV or truck to the road, so they need to be in top condition to keep you, your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians safe. Coats Tire & Auto Center LLC makes sure you’re safe and secure where the rubber hits the road. That’s why we stock a massive inventory of new and used tires in our premier tire shop serving Coats, Barclaysville, Buies Creek, and Turlington, NC. We also provide the services required to keep your treads in great condition.

Used Tires

Drivers working with a limited budget need not worry about sacrificing quality. You can make sure your car has a capable set of tires when you choose from our selection of slightly-used treads. Our knowledgeable technicians carefully inspect every set of used tires to ensure they are of the highest quality before installing them on your car, truck or SUV.

Tire Services

Just because you experience issues with your tires doesn’t necessarily mean they need complete replacement. That’s why we offer minor tire work, such as rotations that extend the life of your tires or patches that slow air leaks. Let one of our team members troubleshoot your tire problems and work out a solution that restores your current tires and saves you money.

New Tires

How long have your tires been on your car? If the tread has worn down, or you feel a lack of control in inclement weather, our devoted tire specialists can find a new set for you. We also offer an array of specialty tires to ensure your vehicle always has the right gear, whether you’re driving through town or heading on an off-road excursion.

The All-in-One Tire Shop

At every stage in the life of your tires, Coats Tire & Auto Center LLC can help. Our fully-equipped tire shop has everything you need to replace or repair your tires. Contact us at 910-694-3140 to learn more about our auto repair services.