January 18, 2022

2023-02-08 | 20:32:59

"Very good prices, my wife’s oil change usually is around 100, he only charges 60. He goes above and beyond to please his customers. Thank you!"
July 24, 2021

2023-02-08 | 20:33:27

"Mr. Freddie was very friendly and professional throughout the whole entire service. He listened to my suspicions regarding what needed to be checked with my car. Prior to starting work, he gave an estimated quote and then readjusted the quote based on his recommendations in regards to safety. All this was communicated in advance and completely fair unlike other car places that overcharge for same services. There was no rush at all during greeting and checking out. Afterwards, he demonstrated the problematic car part and what it should be like which was especially educational as very few other places would go on to teach customers about cars. Business cards were also supplied for easy reference for future services. Excellent!"
June 21, 2021

Elizabeth N. Cousins | 2021-06-17 10:25:29

"This is the best shop ever !!! I was traveling to Jacksonville when in Coats, NC, I had a tire emergency. By luck, this is the shop the tow truck took me to. They had the issue fixed and me back on the road in less then an hour, all the while being very professional and helpful. They took great care in rendering the situation. I highly recommend this shop. As a lady, they didn't try to rip me off or over charge. This, I'm most grateful for. "